Average Wait Time For A Driving Test In Tipperary Over 15 Weeks


Over 15 weeks is the average wait for a driving test in Co. Tipperary.

This according to data provided to Independent TD Michael Lowry by the Department of Transport.

Last month 600 tests were scheduled in total in the four Driving Test Centres in the Premier County – with a further 1605 applicants still waiting for an invitation to sit their test.

In February the average waiting time varied with 27 weeks in Clonmel, 19 weeks in Nenagh, 10 weeks in Thurles and 7 weeks in Tipperary Town.

Both Clonmel and Nenagh fell outside the terms of the current Service Level Agreement at this time and, if this were to continue the Minister says the Transport Department, and primarily the RSA, has tne responsibility for this and will take action. 

Minister Eamonn Ryan says that the RSA and the Department aim to have the average waiting time for a Driving Test down to 10 weeks by the middle of next year.