Several Tipp Town Chamber Of Commerce Members Unwilling To Contribute Towards Christmas Lights Due To Chamber Committee Performance


Several members of Tipperary Town Chamber of Commerce are unwilling to make a contribution towards the Christmas Lights this year due to the performance of the remaining Chamber Committee – four members resigned in late April of this year via a WhatsApp message.

The Chamber Committee announced last month that it would be putting up lights for the Christmas period and yesterday businesses received an email from the Committee seeking donations or contributions towards this year’s efforts. Chamber members were also invited to use a container supplied by the Committee to be placed in their business premises for contributions from the public towards the Christmas lights.

In response to the appeal for support some members of the Chamber are seeking details of the Chambers current financial position, the cash resources on hand, the accounts for 2022 and further querying the makeup of the committee and why no AGM has been held since 2020.

Members are also critical of the lack of activity within the Chamber in terms of regular meetings and support for the local business community.

Tipp Mid-West Radio has sought updates from Tipperary Town Chamber about it’s accounts and AGM but the most recent response issued in September states “we are dealing with very important sensitive issues, but as soon as we can, we will issue a statement as promised.

As we have demonstrated in the past, our track record shows a very successful contribution to our town’s enhancement and the high value we hold for it’s very proud people.”