Residents In Emly Housing Estate Seek Assistance After Pumping Station For Sewerage System Ceases


Residents in the Glen Court Housing Estate, Emly, are seeking assistance as the pumping station for the sewerage system ceased working on Friday October 13th.

The residents say that Tipperary County Council and Uisce Eireann both refuse to help on the grounds that the estate has not been taken in charge.

Tipperary county council accepts that a valid taking in charge application was submitted by the residents in 2013 and the council committed in 2019 to “progressing Glen Court to taking in charge and to the provision of services as is appropriate post resolution.”  Issues with Developer Provided Infrastructure(DPI) and the dissolution and receivership of companies involved in the estate development have complicated the process.

The estate also has 24 houses that have never been occupied. The residents have been seeking to rectify a range of issues in the estate since 2009.

Tipp Mid West Radio has sought a response from Uisce Eireann, Tipperary County Council, the 5 local councillors and 6 Tipperary Oireachtas members since Tuesday October 18th.

To date only councillors Mary Hanna Hourigan and Anne Marie Ryan have responded. Both councillors say they have engaged with Uisce Eireann and Tipperary County Council to seek some assistance for the residents who report that toilets and waste pipes are backing up as the pumping station remains out of action.