Tipp FUSS Calls Children’s Disability Network Under Resourced


The HSE has released details of staffing on the Children’s Disability Network Team in Clonmel.

The service has one full time Speech and Language Therapist, .8 of a Full Time Occupational Therapist and a clinical nurse The service is supported by a part time private psychologist.

Over 1,000 children in South Tipperary are in need of the service.

Tipperary FUSS, the advocacy group, says the service is not properly resourced and is expressing support for the existing staff and their stress levels given limited staff numbers.

The HSE response – issued to Tipperary TD Michael Lowry, says it is facing recruitment challenges in a competitive market experiencing a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals.

It also accepts that the wait times for services is not appropriate and is particularly stressful for children and their families.

The HSE says it continues to try to recruit locally and also from national panels.