Concerns Raised Over Operation Of Tipp Town Traffic Lights

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Concerns have been raised regarding the operation of the traffic lights in Tipperary town.

Drivers complain that the lights are not changing with a suitable frequency.

Over the weekend a complaint was made that the lights on Bridge Street did not change for 15 minutes.

Lights on the Main Street, also a national road(N24), are reported to have been frozen on red for 30 minutes.

Drivers ultimately chose to move forward on a red light.

Local Cllr Michael Fitzgerald says that issues with the lights have been ongoing since they were installed.

The Councillor says the ultimate responsibility for the lights rests with Transport Infrastructure Ireland but that Tipperary county Council must pressure TII to improve the current situation.

The matter is the subject of constant complaints to the Councillor who says the operation and sequencing of the traffic lights in the town centre is the “talk of Munster” with heavy tailbacks and long delays frequently observed. 

Tipp Mid West Radio has contacted Tipperary County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland about the concerns and is awaiting  a response.