Tipp Musical Society Recieves Four Nominations At AIMS Awards


Tipperary Musical Society will have four nominations at this year’s AIMS awards. AIMS is the Association of Irish Musical Societies.  The nominations were announced yesterday and the award ceremony will be held in Killarney in June. The society staged a hugely acclaimed production of the Hunchback of Notre Dame earlier this year. The nominations are for Jason Ryan Best Programme, Derek Ryan Best Male Singer – character Frollo, Madeline Blackwell Best Actress  –  character Esmeralda and the whole ensemble is nominated for Best Chorus.

In addition, Tipperary Musical’s choreographer Stephanie Browne is nominated for Best Choreography with Nenagh Choral Society and the Director of TMS Hunchback production, Paul Norton is also nominated for Best Director with Galway Musical Society.

Tipperary County Council is seeking applicants for a new position of Biodiversity officer. The role will be on a three-year contract initially and has a salary scale of between €54,000 and €76,000 – the appointee will start at the lower point.