Public Meeting To Be Held On Ardfinnan Safe River Crossing


A public meeting is to be held in Ardfinnan on June 12th to discuss the lack of progress in developing a safe river crossing in the village.

The National Transportation Authority(NTA) has rejected a Consultant’s proposal for the construction of an independent pedestrian walkway.

The NTA says current climate and transport policy dictates their decision (all three policies have been adopted since 2021).

Since 2015 the two lane bridge over the River Suir has been reduced to one lane with temporary traffic lights installed to allow pedestrians to use a portion of the second lane to cross.

The NTA preference is that this be formalised as the permanent solution.

The NTA says the current National Investment Framework for Transport prioritises investment in the land transport network in the following order – Maintain, Optimise, Improve and New as the final option.

Local Cllr Micheal Anglim says the safety risk is increased by the location of the primary school close to the bridge.

The Cllr says the battle for action has been won with Tipperary County Council and now the focus is on getting the NTA to reconsider their stance.

All 6 Oireachtas members in the county and all local councillors are to be invited to the June meeting.

Micheal Martin TD has visited the location as leader of the Opposition and as Taoiseach and Cllr Anglim says this has been instrumental in getting the project to the current stage.

The Fianna Fáil councillor says Transport Ministers Eamon Ryan and Jack Chambers have been supportive of providing a solution but feels the size of the local population means the NTA is not giving the project it’s due priority.

The meeting on June 12th is being hosted by Ardfinnan Community Council and is set for 8pm.