Tipperary County Council Holding March Meeting Monday 13th In Clonmel


Tipperary County Council will hold it’s March meeting on Monday in Clonmel. The 40 councillors will get an update on four main areas – Housing, Environment, Economic and Community Development and Corporate matters. The councillors are also to consider a new protocol to cover all occasions such as arrangements for civic receptions, flag raising events and Books of Condolences.

There are only 3 motions in respect of council functions for consideration – Cllr Pat English is seeking an increase to the limits of the Housing Adaptation Grants for older people and people with a disability from €30,000 to €40,000 to provide for inflation.  Cllr Siobhan Ambrose is requesting that Tipperary County Council explores the possibility of rolling out Affordable Housing Schemes across the county given the number of young people trying to purchase a home. The Clonmel councillor is also proposing that Tipperary County Council explores the possibility of offering apprenticeships within the council and in addition looks at the possibility of including an apprenticeship clause for contractors tendering for large council led construction projects.

There is also a motion from Pat English that Tipperary Council would ask the Government to amend the Mother and Baby Homes redress scheme to include the 24,000 survivors who were excluded from the planned redress scheme. This motion is outside the remit of Tipperary County Council functions.