Tipperary University Hospital Management Clonmel Announce Visiting Restrictions Starting Tomorrow


Tipperary University Hospital Management in Clonmel have announced visiting restrictions to come into effect tomorrow until at least January 16th. The INMO reported 18 patients receiving care while waiting on a bed following admission in TUH earlier this morning.

The restrictions are necessary due to the high numbers of patients with flu and Covid19 and a number of ongoing outbreaks of infection within the hospital according to a statement issued at lunchtime today.  All visiting to the hospital is suspended for from 4th January 2023 – 16th January 2023 with some very limited exceptions.  The exceptions are for end of life situations, critically ill patients and patients that are in the paediatric unit – one parent will be allowed to visit at any one time. There are no changes to current visiting arrangement in the maternity services.

Hospital management will monitor the situation daily and is expressing regret for the distress or inconvenience that the restrictions may cause to patients and family members.