Live Register Shows 5,869 People Are Unemployed In Co. Tipp

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Data from the Central Statistics office shows that the number of people unemployed based on the Live Register for November 2022 was 184,700 persons, up 900 or 0.5% from October 2022. 

While all counties report an increase in the numbers of people on the register in  county Tipperary is reporting one of the lowest increases at 1.1% – there are now 5,869 people registered unemployed in county Tipperary.

Counties Kerry and Clare both recorded increases of over 30% likely due to the inclusion of refugees in the data.

In all there were 19,500 people benefitting from the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive included in the Live Register figures for November 2022, an increase of 1,929 from October 2022.

The 35-44 age group made up the largest number of those on the Live Register in November 2022 at 42,707 persons or 23.6%.