Vehicle Seized After Driver Fails Drugs Test


Garda in Thurles seized a vehicle last evening as the driver was found to have failed a drug test for Cocaine.

In addition, the Roads Policing unit found that the driver never held a licence or insurance.

The driver will have a court appearance in respect of a range of charges. Garda are now using a new device to conduct roadside tests for intoxicants.

In addition to alcohol Garda can test for 6 broad categories of drugs and will have a result roadside in approximately 8 minutes without any additional equipment.

In 2021 there were 4,321 samples tested for intoxicants.

While alcohol still remains the most frequently detected intoxicant in driving in Ireland, cannabis is the second most frequently found intoxicant and its detection in drivers is continuing to increase, with cocaine being the third most commonly found intoxicant drug detected.