Planning Lodged For Additional 28 Bedrooms At Cashel Palace


Development plans for lands at Moor Lane in Cashel owned by the company that operates the Cashel Palace Hotel have been lodged with Tipperary County Council.

The proposed development would deliver an additional 28 bedrooms in the heart of Cashel.

The planning application (Ref 2260575) describes the development as the “construction of twenty-eight hotel bedrooms in two blocks, each of one and a half storeys, landscaping, demolition of a hay shed, provision of new opening in boundary wall for emergency access and all ancillary development works.”

The development is intended to provide additional hotel guest accommodation to support the existing Cashel Palace hotel.

The application has been submitted by a company identified as Marymount Assets Limited – which is registered in the British Virgin Isles, and is accompanied by a letter of consent from Trevester Unlimited Company based in the Cashel Palace Hotel.

The planning notice was published in the Irish Examiner on October 21st.

Tipperary County Council will take submissions on the application up to November 28th and a decision is expected on December 19th.

Several partners are collaborating to develop Cashel as a new destination town for tourism and these include local business in the sector, Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Tourism and Fáilte Ireland.