62 Modular Houses To Be Built In Gortataggart


The number of modular housing units planned for Ukrainian Refugees at Gortataggart in Thurles is now 62.

The Office of Public Works has confirmed that John Sisk and Son Holding Ltd. (Sisk) has been appointed as the main contractor following a competitive process.

Sisk has in turn sub-contracted five companies spread across Ireland to build homes for the programme to the OPW’s specification.

Other locations for modular homes to house refugees are Cavan Town, Mahon in Cork, Sligo and Claremorris. The plans at present are for 700 modular homes to be delivered nationally.

A shortlist of suitable State-owned sites is being prepared by the Office of Public Works and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) based on a list of potential sites for rapid-build homes that have been put forward by public bodies.

A second tranche of sites for the installation of the balance of the homes is currently being assessed for suitability and will be finalised over the coming weeks.

It is expected that 500 rapid-build homes will be installed on a phased basis during January and February 2023 as site enabling works across a range of locations are completed.

The enabling works on site and the manufacture of the homes will run in parallel so that the installation process can commence on site in January.

The site at Gortataggart, Thurles is a green field site at present.

The balance of 200 rapid build homes will be installed from March 2023 onwards with a view to completing the programme by mid-year at the latest.

The provision of 700 homes will provide the State with accommodation for up to 2,800 Ukrainians in family units of 4 according to the Office of Public Works.

The following is the breakdown of rapid build homes planned for each confirmed location of the first tranche of the programme:

Location Units Planned
Thurles, Co. Tipperary 62
Cavan Town, Co. Cavan 30
Mahon, Co. Cork 64
Doorly Park, Co. Sligo 22
Claremorris, Co. Mayo 28
Total 206