Tipperary Drivers to Face Automatic Penalty Points if Caught Speeding


Drivers who are speeding will face automatic penalty points on one of the country’s busiest roads from Monday next following the introduction of average speed cameras.

The system will be in place on the M7 in Tipperary between Junction 27 and Junction 27 in both directions, eastbound and westbound.

The specific locations chosen have been subject to frequent weather-related/micro climate events, mostly hail, resulting in an increased number of collisions in the area.

The new average speed cameras have been on the road in a testing phase for over a year but they will be in full operation from next Monday.

They are able to determine if motorists have maintained an average speed of 120 km/h or less when they drive through the 15km stretch of road.

Prosecution of speeding offences takes place by Fixed Charge Notice which currently carries an €80 fine and three penalty points.

During the periods of testing, compliance levels have risen, but still remain below 90%, according to An Garda Siochana.

Further, the data identified that drivers are not adjusting their speeds appropriately in response to bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or icy road conditions.