Interim Changes for Children and Young People Accessing Disability Services


The HSE has clarified the interim procedure being implemented for the Assessment of Needs for children and young people with disabilities.

The clarification comes following the High Court judgement on March 11th 2022 which found that the current Preliminary Team Assessment approach does not fulfill the requirements of the Disability Act 2005.

The HSE has confirmed that it is reverting to the pre-January 2020 process to enable children and families access assessments as an interim measure.

The HSE has informed all relevant staff in Community Healthcare Organisations about the interim procedure and assessments should take place following the pre-2020 approach.

Minister Anne Rabbitte says she has reminded the HSE of the importance of communicating with parents.

Minister Rabbitte says work is underway on a number of options to reduce the waiting list for Assessment of Need with additional funding of €1.5 million for approximately 1,000 diagnostic assessments for autism already approved.

Funding for the recruitment of 375 staff to fill vacancies in the Children’s Disability Network Teams has also been provided to the HSE to inculde the recruitment of Assistant Psychologists and administrative staff.