Fresh Calls for the Government to Address the Price of Fuel


Fresh calls for action from the Irish government on the price of fuel have been made today (Tuesday) by Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI), the trade association for the Irish freight, passenger and logistics industries.

With fuel accounting for more than 41% of running articulated lorry fleets – and the price of a barrel of oil now reaching $120 – the FTAI is urging the government to take urgent action to protect Ireland’s supply chain.

The FTAI is calling on the government to review its current diesel rebate programme to make it more accessible and efficient so that the inflationary pressures on the industry charged with delivering everything Ireland needs can be alleviated.

The government are being said to be examining adjustments to Excise rates to help cushion consumers from price increases but no decision has been made by the government.

The FTAI wants the rate of reduction linked with the international pricing of a barrel of oil; the higher the price, the more excise reduction.