Morris Vows to Battle ‘Rogue Elements’


Sinn Fein Councillor Seamus Morris has today said that the problem he finds within the local Sinn Fein organisation is to be found at many of the party’s other local organisations across the country.

Cllr Morris was speaking about the ongoing issues within the party’s Tipperary organisation after he was issued with a letter by the Comhairle Ceanntair in which he was informed that they had voted to expel him.  He was further urged to align himself with a grouping in a neighbouring county.

This morning he said that despite that demand, he will remain within the local organisation to save it from what he refers to as ‘rogue elements’ within it.

He went on to say that these ‘elements’ within the Tipperary organisation are resisting change and are damaging the party.  Similar problems, he added, are being experienced in Sinn Fein Cummain and Comhairle Ceanntair across the country.