Tipp Town Investment Potential Receives A Boost


Tipperary town could have an innovation park ready for industrial use by as early as September.

That was according to the property director of the company that owns a number of units on the outskirts of Tipperary town.

The Sky Innovation Park is a terrace of eight large retail warehouse units based on a site of nearly four acres which has not been used since being built over ten years ago.  It is located adjacent to the Tipperary Town Retail Centre.

After the park’s potential was pointed out to Alan Kelly by the Jobs for Tipp Group and Tipperary Chamber of Commerce, he contacted the owners Corajio Ltd (who run the ‘Mr Price’ retail chain).

After that began a string of talks between Deputy Kelly, the IDA, Corajio and Invest Tipperary, with the County Council also being consulted.

A decision was subsequently made that the owners of the development will apply to Tipperary County Council to change its planning designation to allow industrial use, on the advice of the IDA.

The company will then carry out some work on the buildings, and once completed the whole development will be fit to go on the IDA’s list of investor opportunities.

Commenting on the deal Deputy Kelly said that the development has the potential to create hundreds of jobs and revitalise the Tipperary town area should industry locate there.

The Property Director with Caragio, Emma Pillion says she is exited by the opportunity that is being presented.  She believes that it could be ready for the IDA to promote as soon as September.