Justice Minister ask Save Our Local Community Group to compile proposals to combat rural crime.

The Justice Minister has asked members of the Save Our Local Community Group to compile two papers on a number of proposals to combat rural crime.
The group had a meeting with the minister.  Representatives presented Frances Fitzgerald with five key proposals they believe if addressed, would help in tackling crime country-wide.
One of the proposals she requested a paper on deals with reform of the trespassing laws to weight them in favour of the victim.

The other proposal they are due to present Minister Fitzgerald with a paper on is the suggestion that anyone found using a vehicle that was involved in a crime or on its way to or from a crime has their license automatically suspended.  It is further proposed that if those persons are found driving within that period of suspension, they are automatically jailed for two years.
Commenting on the meeting overall, the group’s chairman, Robert O’Shea said that it was positive and shows that the minister is taking them seriously as a representative group.