5000 fish have died after contaminants entered Drumcamogue River

It is estimated that 5000 fish have died after contaminants, suspected to have originated from Co Tipperary, entered the Drumcomogue River.
The fish killed happened along the stretch of river near Emly and Knocklong.
Inland Fisheries Ireland has said it believes the source of the pollution originated in Co Tipperary in the area between Knocklong, Emly and Ballywire.

Tipperary County Council is now working alongside Limerick County Council and Inland Fisheries Ireland to investigate the matter.
The county council has said that as there is a significant amount of silage being harvested at the moment, an agricultural source such as silage effluent or slurry may have caused the incident.
The council is urging farmers to ensure that all silage effluent is contained in watertight tanks and to ensure that buffer distances to water courses are maintained when spreading slurry.
All householders are also being reminded to check their septic tanks and ensure they are not leaking.
People are reminded to be responsible in the use and storage of household chemicals such as paints, weedkillers and pesticides, as these chemicals can kill fish.
The council has also said that it is not ruling out the possibility of an accidental or deliberate discharge into the river and is urging anyone who notices any suspicious activity to report it to Limerick or Tipperary County Council or to Inland Fisheries Ireland.