Significant changes to grading of Leaving Certificate results

Significant changes have been announced to how Leaving Certificate results will be graded for students sitting the exam in 2017 and subsequent years.

The number of grades that can be awarded is to be reduced from the current 14 to just eight.
Students will no longer get A’s B’s and C’s, but H1’s H2’S and H3’s at Higher Level instead, and O1’s, 2’s and 3’s at Ordinary Level.
Officials at the Department of Education describe the changes as an important development which should improve the senior cycle experience for students.
There is broad agreement that the current system of grading increases pressure on students.
The majority of grades are separated by just 5%, and this puts students under pressure to gain minimal percentage increases because most grade increases equal an additional five CAO points.
The changes will be introduced for students entering into 5th year in September 2015.