Councillors vote 29/10 to leave property tax as it is.


A Tipperary councilor has said that there should have been a third option when it came to deciding whether or not to reduce the property tax in county Tipperary.

Yesterday, councilors decided by a vote of 29/10 to leave rate of property tax as it is because the savings that would have to be achieved to reduce it would have been too great.

However speaking to Tipperary Mid West Radio today Sinn Fein councilor Martin Browne, who wanted to see the rate reduced, said that the savings needed could have come from the reduced cost of running the single amalgamated county council by cutting down on wasteful spending.

Speaking afterward Cllr. Roger Kennedy, who voted to retain the rate as it is, said that a third option to give concessions to those least able to afford the tax should have been made available to councilors.