Decisions on Property Tax exemptions queried


The manner in which the decision was arrived at to reduce the number of properties exempt from the property tax has been questioned in Co Tipperary.

It emerged yesterday that the number of homes in unfinished developments who qualify for the exemptions has fallen from 43,000 to 5,000.

However, in some cases, the exemption has been extended to a number of new estates across Tipperary, including the Ashgrove estate in Thurles.

Examining the figures Deputy Michael Lowry has found that in Tipperary alone the number of unfinished estates recognised has decreased from 43 to 34. He also noted that in North Tipperary 7 estates are new to the list and 13 have been removed from it.

Similarly, the South Tipperary list has reduced from 16 estates to 12. Of these 12 only 4 appear both last year and this year.

He said there seems to be little correlation between the decisions made for the two constituencies.

Similar sentiments have been issued by Deputy Mattie McGrath who in addressing the Dail yesterday, questioned the exclusion of some estates from the current list as he said, none of the unfinished estates in South Tipperary have been completed.