Drop in number of houses built in Tipp.


A total of 264 houses were built in Tipperary in 2012 a decrease of 41% on the previous year according to the Construction Industry Federation. During 2011 there were 449 houses built in Tipperary but that number dropped by 185 units during the following 12 months.

In North Tipperary, the number of houses built fell from 256 units to 151 units a drop of 41%  The percentage drop was matched in South Tipperary with the number of completions going from 193 units to 113 units built in 2012.

The latest CIF Housing Statistics Bulletin also reveals that the number of Tipperary housing starts fell to 139 units during the first eleven months of 2012.  This decrease of 33 units of 19% from the 172 units started during the same period the year before.