Workers and Unemployed Action Group


South Tipperary Independant political organisation, the Workers and Unemployed Action Group have withdrawn from their Dail grouping, the United Left Alliance.

Announcing the decision last night, Independent TD Seamus Healy said the decision was made because of an ongoing disgreement with the Socialist Party also a member of the ULA over the tax affairs of Independent TD Mick Wallace.

The WUAG proposed that the ULA call for his resignation from the dail. But they say this proposal was vetoed by the Socialist Party.  A subsequent effort was also vetoed by members of the People Before Profit Alliance.

Deputy Healy then said that his WUAG organisation now believes that it can more effectively campaign for objectives such as tax equity and defence of public services outside the United Alliance.

He added that it is the intention of the WUAG to shortly register as a national political party.

When asked if there is any future left for the United Alliance as it stands Deputy Healy believes its responses to the Mick Wallace issue will prove fatal for the organisation.