North & South Tipp County Councils


A South Tipperary County Councillor has said she is concerned that the amalgamation of North and South Tipperary County Councils will result in and uneven distribution of directors of service.

Cllr Siobhan Ambrose told Tipperary Mid West Radio today that a recent update on the amalgamation process revealed that the majority of the heads of the most important departments will be transferred to offices in Nenagh, and the south of the county will head-up departments of  least importance or significance.

Cllr Amrose said that the bosses of departments such as Finance, Roads & Planning will be based in Nenagh while Clonmel will be the base for directors of departments such as Human Resources and Planning.

She said it is a matter the public should be aware of as the headqurters of the VEC are also going to Nenagh