Heavy Rainfall Causes Some Flooding Issues In Tipp Town

River Ara Walkway - Sunday Feb 12th - Photo Credit Connie O’Dwyer

Heavy rainfall over the weekend has caused some flooding issues in the Tipperary town area.

The River Ara walkway was impassable yesterday due to flooding.

The flooding occurred at the point between the railway underpass and the newly installed pond. There is a bend in the river at this area and fallen tree has impacted the flow of the water.

Met Eireann reports that 36 mm of rain fell in the Limerick junction area on Saturday which is reflected in higher river levels in the area.

Four houses were impacted by flooding in Limerick junction.

The water also flooded the footpaths and roadway into the Limerick Junction Train Station.

Tipperary Council Engineers are to visit the location this morning amid reports that there were no full sandbags available for residents on Saturday to redirect the flood waters – the council supplied empty bags.

Investigations are also being made if a river diversion project some years ago was a factor in the flooding.