New Application For A Mast In New Inn Open For Submission With Council


Cllr Mairin McGrath, an Independent Councillor in the Tipp Cahir Cashel MD says those opposed to a Telecoms mast in New Inn village hope that a previous refusal from An Bord Pleanála (ABP) will mean a new application will also be rejected.

A new application for a mast is currently open for submissions with Tipperary County Council.

The application contains some slight changes compared to the proposal refused by ABP and Tipperary County Council in 2021.

The new mast is being sought to upgrade the service available to Vodafone customers ultimately delivering 5G rated service.

Local residents oppose it on the grounds that it is too close to homes.

Eircom trading as eir is seeking permission to replace the existing 12m timber pole with a 15m mast. The company says the larger infrastructure is necessary to improve the service for customers of Eir and Vodafone in New Inn and surrounding areas.

The company also cites a number of An Bord Pleanála approvals for 15m masts elsewhere in Ireland.

The applicant says the existing service is weak due to the treeline in the area. A higher mast would address this issue.

The company says the mast will be “a shrouded monopole” that will be less intrusive and it is open to other operators using the mast.

Cllr McGrath says the Exchange site in New Inn village is quite a small space and says the mast would have an overwhelming impact on the closest house and village itself.

The application closes for submission on Thursday the 15th of February with a decision due from the Tipperary Council Planning office on March 7th. The file number is 2460018 on the Tipperary Council Planning portal.