Local Businesses Encouraged To Sign Up To Age-Friendly Initiative


Tipperary businesses are being encouraged to sign up to Age Friendly Ireland’s Business Recognition Programme.

The initiative’s goal is to ensuring businesses are accessible for older people, specifically those aged 55-75.

Orla Carmody, a business consultant for AFI, is asking businesses in Tipperary to implement small changes so that their older customers will know that they are welcome and valued.

Changes could include smaller food portions in restaurants, as older people may not like wasting food they are unable to eat; bigger font sizes, which would benefit not just old people, but everyone else too, by making menus and other items easier to read; or keeping spare pairs of reading glasses under the front desk, in case an older patron may have forgotten theirs.

Age Friendly Ireland boasts over 3,000 businesses in its Business Recognition Programme, including AXA Insurance, Tipperary Bank of Ireland branches, and Specsavers.

AFI wants more small businesses in Tipperary, such as butchers, hairdressers, and shoe retailers, to join and make small changes to their businesses.

There are over a million older people – defined as people over the age of 55 – living in Ireland currently, who control roughly 50% of all spending in Ireland; making it known that they are welcome and valued will make them more likely to give their patronage to your business.