Tipperary TD Michael Lowry Seeking Change In Ireland’s Immigration Policy


Tipperary TD Michael Lowry is seeking a change in Ireland’s Immigration policy. The Dáil heard yesterday that people are filled with pent-up worry, fear and frustration at how their communities have changed due to “the influx of International Protection Applicants.” Deputy Lowry says communities fear every large empty building in their community will be offered for accommodation.

The situation is worsened by the attack in Parnell Square last week which the TD says has rattled people to their very core. The riots in Dublin last week are also disturbing and Deputy Lowry says there is now a need to focus on the limitations of the Garda as presently resourced and operating.

Deputy Lowry described the management of the incident as an “abject failure of Management and Policing Policy and a humiliating operational failure.”  The TD says the Garda reluctance to confront protestors only emboldens the perpetrators.  In a brief response the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar pointed out that people who come to Ireland to seek International Protection are not necessarily here illegally and that their status only becomes illegal when their application has been refused and a deportation order issued.