Cllr Burgess Raises Failure To Enforce Bye Laws At Local Cashel Cemetery

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The failure to enforce Bye laws at Cormac’s Cemetery in Cashel was raised by Cllr Declan Burgess at the plenary meeting of Tipperary county council today.

The meeting heard that the byelaws are being ignored with illegal structures being installed without consequences. Councillor Burgess says illegal structures should be removed while accepting that the issue can be a sensitive one for families involved.

The Councillor says there is no consistency as to the application of the Byelaws and wants the situation to change going forward.

Responding for the Council Executive, Denis Holland says he can empathise with the situation and says some measures are being introduced to help improve the situation.

The measures include the creation of a list of approved sculptors or stone masons that can create a memorial and says a condition will be imposed that certain structures will have to apply for a licence before they can be erected in Cormac’s Cemetery.

Mr Holland also invited Cllr Burgess to raise specific cases with him for further investigation.