Cashel Palace Hotel Remains Committed To Progressing With “Much Needed Extension”


Cashel Palace Hotel says it remains committed to progressing what it calls “a much needed extension to the hotel”.

It emerged today that the Tipperary Planning Authority deemed the application for permission to construct 28 additional bedrooms at Moor Lane to be withdrawn as the applicant had not responded to a request for further information issued in December 2022.

Hotel Management says much thought has been given to alternatives to facilitate the accommodation and commercial needs of the Hotel having regard to both feedback received on the initial application and to the applicant’s continuing sensitivity to the special location of the Palace Hotel and the adjacent Rock of Cashel.  It was not thought possible to deliver an amended application within the time limit set despite a three-month extension granted by the Planning Office.

At present the Cashel Palace employs circa 260 staff between full time and part time and says it remains committed to the delivery of an extension to the Cashel Palace Hotel that will “further increase local employment” and also notes that the region needs additional high quality accommodation.

Work on an alternative approach that would be delivered to the same exemplary standard of work to date is to continue with all relevant agencies and stakeholders.