Shronell NS Pleads For Action To Make Outside The School Safer


A primary school in West Tipperary is pleading for action to make the school a safer place saying the safety of the children is imperative.

Shronell NS located on the R515 between Tipperary Town and Lattin says multiple issues are making the area outside the school unsafe.

A fourteen page proposal has been submitted to Tipperary County Council that sets out the dangers, stakeholders impacted by the situation and a possible solution.

The school has 63 pupils at present and multiple drop off and collection times.

A council traffic survey reveal that the vast majority of drivers did not observe the speed limit when driving past the school.

A lack of suitable parking options has also caused problems for local residents who complain that at times they cannot enter or leave their residences.

An area of ground at either side of the road close to the school could be used for turning and for parking if a hard core surface was installed.

Tipperary County Council are to investigate if funding via the Active Travel Programme can be used to provide any solution.