Link road traffic system rejected


Plans for a new link road traffic system in Tipperary Town were rejected by councillors last night by a vote of 5 to 4.

The plans were due to be voted upon last month but the decision was put off untill last night to allow further discussions with interested parties.

Around 50 protestors turned up outside last night’s meeting urging the councillors to vote no to the proposal which has been changed from the origional plan.

Despite more than €500,000 earmarked for the project by the Department of the Enviroment it was rejected by the majority of the councillors.

Among the arguments given in favour of the project was the need for some solution to the traffic problems experienced in the town as well as the fear that  by rejecting the new layout plans the council would be forfeting the money allocated by the Department .

Among the arguments given opposing the project was the impact it would have a certain areas in the town and the fact that it fell short of a by-pass which has always been the ultimate aim.