Parts of Co. Tipperary to be Included in New Trial to Provide High Speed Internet


Parts of counties Tipperary, Waterford and Donegal are to be included in a new trial scheme to provide high speed internet access, working with the Microsoft’s Airband Initiative.

The Airband initiative uses various technologies to provide connectivity, including Television White Space technology, which utilises the unused broadcasting frequencies between television channels and provides a quick-to-deliver solution to enable broadband connectivity.

The technology has been piloted in counties Cavan and Carlow. Specific locations for these trials will be confirmed once feasibility studies have been completed.

This is one of a number of projects that seek to explore the ways technology can be used to improve connectivity in rural towns and villages and sits alongside other programmes such as the Digital Innovation Programme, Broadband Connection Points and Shared Infrastructure initiatives.

It will not in any way impact on the contracts for the National Broadband Plan or the Broadband Connection Points.