Number Of People In Emergency Accommodation Increased During April


The number of people in emergency accommodation in Ireland because they are homeless has increased again during April. Data released by the Department of Housing shows that a total of 14,009 people are now in state provided accommodation an increase of 143 since March 2024. The number of both adults and children in homeless accommodation is up – 59 additional children are homeless. The total number of children homeless is 4,206, 84 additional adults are homeless bringing the total to 9,803.

 The figures mean there has been a 14% rise in homelessness over the past 12 months.

In county Tipperary 40 people are in emergency accommodation, an increase of 2 compared to March while in county Limerick the number of people in homeless accommodation increased by 12 to 410 persons.

Responding to the figures, Focus Ireland is calling on the Government to accept and implement the key recommendations in the recently published report by the Housing Commission. The report suggested a targeted increase in the proportion of social and cost-rental housing to 20% of the national stock.