Preparations Underway For Upcoming Elections & Referendum


Preparations are underway for the upcoming elections and referendum on June 7th.

For voters the closing date for completed applications for entry in the register of electors is Monday 20th May and for Postal and Special voters, the closing date is Saturday 11th MAY 2024. Voters are advised to visit the website to register or to amend their details such as address.

Ireland is to vote whether or not to join the EU Patent Court alongside the vote to elect local Councillors and MEPs for the European Parliament on June 7th.  Voters in County Limerick will have a fourth ballot paper on the day as an election will be held in the Treaty county to directly elect a Mayor for Limerick county and City. The new post will take over many of the roles of the present Limerick Council Chief Executive Officer.

The closing date for nominations to stand in the elections are to be published next week.

Staff from Tipperary county Council will be responsible for the polling stations and counting the votes and it is not expected that any additional staff will be hired on the day.

The votes for Tipperary Council elections and the EU Patent Court Referendum will be counted in Thurles at the Presentation Convent Sports Centre.  The votes for the European Parliament will be transferred to Cork for counting purposes.