Tipperary Cashel Cahir MD Councillors To Attend A Workshop Regarding Numerous Upcoming Projects


Log seat – one of three installed on the top of the Motte – Tipperary Hills

Councillors in the Tipperary Cashel Cahir MD are to attend a workshop in respect of a number of projects being developed in the District  by the Council. The Tipperary Hills Enhancement project is one of the projects on which the Councillors will be updated. The workshop is scheduled for 2pm on Thursday September 21st.

Log seating installed near the “Kickabout area” – goal posts have been painted and are to be reinstalled with netting added

At present the work is not fully complete on the Hills project which included 9 different areas of development.  The installation of a timber stairs with handrails on the Motte has evoked a wide range of comments, much of it critical.  In recent days three log seats have been installed on the top of the Motte known locally as the “Cup and Saucer”, and one log seat has been installed near the mast. Four logs have been installed near the kickabout area which has been levelled and reseeded. Work is ongoing in installing wider paths, installing seating along the pathways and creating the dog exercise area. The works are expected to be completed in two weeks’ time.

 Dog Exercise Area – Tipperary Hills

Path installed on top of the Motte – Tipperary Hills

Timber stairs and handrail installed on the Motte – Tipperary Hills

Wider access from St Patrick’s Avenue entrance – Tipperary Hills

Log seat installed at viewing point near the Mast – Tipperary Hills