Footpaths Get Cleaned On Main Street In Tipp Town


Contractors on behalf of Tipperary county council are currently cleaning  the footpaths on Main street Tipperary town.

The work is being done in the evenings and overnight to reduce disturbance to pedestrians and local businesses.

The area to be cleaned extends from the Maid of Erin on Main street to Bank Place and is intended to complement road resurfacing works recently completed in the same area.

The company use a process of natural products(Oilseed rape, maize, wheat, potatoes) and high temperature steam to treat the area being cleaned and no chemicals are used.

The area is scrubbed with a mechanical brush and then the foam mix is applied.

The contractor, Foamstream Ltd are based in Stradbally, county Laois and have previously worked for Tipperary county council.