Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) To Investigate Drone Use Over Clonmel Collision Site


The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is to investigate the use of a drone over the car crash site in Clonmel on Friday August 25th.

The Authority is also expressing its deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the “tragic accident.”

The Authority says the actions of the drone operator at Mountain Road, Clonmel on Friday evening were an invasion of privacy and posed a flight safety risk. It also says the activity is in direct contravention of the drone regulations.

Remote pilots and drone operators are required, by European regulation, to avoid areas where an emergency response effort is ongoing. According to the IAA, this is safety critical as it could hinder possible aerial support and to protect the privacy rights of persons involved in the emergency event.

The Authority is now liaising with Garda in Clonmel about the matter and Clonmel Garda are continuing with their investigation into the crash in which four people died.