Warnings Of The Presence Of Drug Paraphernalia In The River Arra Walkway Area


River Arra Walkway – January 2022

Users of the River Arra Walkway in Tipperary town are being warned of the presence of drug paraphernalia in the area.  A visitor to the park noticed a used syringe left on at the edge of the path in the new public amenity. The syringe is reported to have been left close to the Children’s Playground. The information was shared on Tipp Town Facebook page with parents alerted to the risks if a child was to come upon the syringe.

The Walkway was opened to the public in late December 2022 and includes a tarmacadam pathway, a Children’s playground and a pond with a boardwalk alongside extensive planting of trees. The area is open 24 hours daily with visitors able to enter at Glenview Square or from the Link Road.

Other incidents of antisocial behaviour at the amenity has resulted in the removal of life rings from the river bank and damage to the display boards intended to be used to provide information about flora and fauna in the area.