Junior & Leaving Cert Begins Next Week


The State Education exams will move to the written phase next week for Junior Certificate Students, Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied Students.

Support and advice for students and their families has been offered from a number of sources.

Jigsaw, the youth mental health charity, is offering tips and advice to help parents and guardians give support with exam stress.  The service says that the evidence from their local and online services is that the pressure of exams is leading many young people to feel increasingly anxious and stressed.  The advice includes limiting talk about studying and exams at home, that parents accept that the young person may have different ideas of success, and to try to keep normal home routines during the exam period.  Jigsaw also has a range of mental health advice, in-person and online support available at Jigsaw.ie.

The Asthma Society of Ireland is offering advice for students as regards managing their asthma and hay fever during the exam season. Their advice can be found at this link here.

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, has published 7 tips on dealing with exam stress.

The Charity says “Good mental health practices and good study practices need to work in tandem, hand-in-glove. Procrastinating is no good and pushing yourself to breaking point is no good either. “   The Turn2Me Leaving Cert Students support group will run on Wednesdays at 6pm, and the Turn2Me Leaving Cert Parents support group will run on Thursdays at 6pm. To sign up, go to Turn2Me.ie.

Turn2Me’s 7 tips on dealing with exam stress include: 

Create a study timetable and stick to it. Things seem less daunting when you have a plan in place. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Take regular breaks. The brain works better when you take a five-minute break every hour, and you also retain more information. 

Write revision notes and flashcards.

Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods. 

Deep breathing. Inhale for a count of 2-4 seconds, hold for 4-6 seconds, and exhale for 4-6 seconds. Find a combination that works for you but try to exhale longer than you inhale.

Go for a jog or a walk in the morning to wake the body and mind up. Do yoga or stretching in the evenings to improve sleep quality. 

Students and parents who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed about the Leaving Cert should join the Turn2Me free online support groups.

Junior Certificate Timetable:

Leaving Certificate Timetable:

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