Nenagh General Hospital Theatre Nurses Express Concerns Over Ongoing Disruption And Cancellations


Theatre Nurses at Nenagh General Hospital have expressed serious concerns to Deputy Michael Lowry over the ongoing disruption and cancellation of Day Surgeries. It is estimated that 432 patients have had their Day Surgery procedures at the UL Group Hospital cancelled as a result of the overall medical surge in the UL Hospital Group in the first three months of this year. This compares to a total of 116 cancelled procedures in Nenagh throughout 2022.  Staff members in Nenagh have stated that it appears as though cancelling Day Surgery cases at Nenagh Hospital is the UL Group’s answer to solving the ongoing medical surge problems in the Hospital Group.

A spokesperson for the UL Hospitals Group says the cancellations followed the postponing of all elective procedures during the early part of the year as beds on the Day wards in Nenagh are used to accommodate some of the patients that cannot be accommodated in Limerick. Staff in Nenagh says there is a risk that theatre staff may leave the hospital due to the cancellations and the staff involved being assigned to work in other areas of the hospital. Staff are also concerned for the patients – some have waited up to 3 years and then get a last minute phone call the night before to cancel the appointment – 10 patients are said to have  had this experience this week alone. Deputy Lowry is to raise the issue with the Minister for Health as a matter of urgency.