Protest Held Outside UHL ED Amid Overcrowding


There 72 patients on trolleys in hospitals that are serving the people of Co. Tipperary.

The Irish Nurses and Midwife Organisations is reporting 50 patients on trolleys while 13 are awaiting a bed in Tipperary University Hospital.

It follows comments from Aontú leader that  Limerick University Hospital remains a war zone due to the closure of Nenagh and Ennis EDs.

Protest which will be held outside UHL this lunch time amid continuing pressures at the Emergency Department.

Peadar Tobin says it’s critical that the Minister gets a grip of the situation and that government stop closing A&E capacity in an A&E capacity crisis.

Deputy Tobin says hospital groups are holding these protests in several locations including in Navan, Ennis and Mulligar as the pressure on A&Es worsens.

Mr Tobin believes the way the Government and the HSE are managing this health crisis is a disaster.