Over 10,500 Co. Tipp People Dealing With Long-Covid


Deputy Michael Lowry and members of the Regional Group of TD’s have called on the Government to treat the surge in long Covid patients with the same urgency as the initial Covid-19 infections and ensure that the 10,511 adults across  Tipperary who are trying to manage Long Covid are given access to the medical care they need.

Nationally there are thought to be 336,451 adults  who are likely to be suffering from Long Covid.

The HSE had announced plans for a treatment pathway nearly a year ago this has not yet materialised. 

Symptoms of Long Covid include fatigue and brain fog, which are experienced at least three months after the initial infection for significant periods of time, in some cases over 2 years.

The condition has been recognised by the WHO which says the condition occurs more frequently in women, middle aged people and in those with more severe symptoms initially.

Deputy Lowry is concerned that such a large number of long Covid patients will overwhelm hospitals as Winter approaches with possibly another wave of Covid infections also to be managed. 

Deputy Lowry also sees this potentially hqving an impact on waiting lists as scheduled care is cancelled due to overcrowding in Irish hospitals.