Co. Tipp Receives €644,000 For Road Repair and Improvements


€644,000 is being allocated to repair and improve rural roads and laneways in Co. Tipperary.

This funding will support non-public roads and lanes that are not normally maintained by the local councils.

While neighbouring counties County Limerick will get €486000 and County Cork will receive €879,000. 

Local residents or property owners/beneficiaries contribute 10% of the estimated cost for eligible roads with up to and  including 5 households/landowners, and 15% for those roads with 6 or more households/landowners.

The maximum amount that any household/landowner is required to contribute is capped at €1,200 with the government funding completing the costs of approved works.

Such roads represent a vital piece of infrastructure for rural residents – providing access to people’s homes and farms, as well as outdoor amenities such as lakes, rivers or beaches and possibly graveyards.

Nationally the funding under the Local Improvement Scheme is €11 million.