Co. Tipp Man Will Attempt To Climb Mount Everest Without Oxygen


A man from Co Tipperary will attempt to climb Mount Everest without the use of supplementary oxygen in May.

That’s the goal for James McManus who says he loves a challenge, and believes this is the ultimate one.

The statistics shows that less than 4 percent of people who reach the summit of world’s tallest mountain do so without oxygen support. 

The Roscrea man will be climbing with one Sherpa and hopes to highlight the importance of sustainable travel worldwide.

Mr McManus, is Managing Director of Earth Edge which specialise in high altitude treks all around the world.

The company have created a business development grant scheme to help their network of porters in Nepal, Tanzania and Peru, despite their own income being slashed by 90%.

In Nepal, money was given to fund a goat farm by three of the Nepalese Sherpas, to create income while international tourism was off the table.

“We can’t turn our backs on Everest,” says James. “This mountain has transformed the lives of anyone who lives within 50-80km of it. It’s the richest valley in all of Nepal.

Sherpas absolutely need more recognition for what they do. That’s why sustainable and ethical tourism is really important in Nepal.”

James has the mountaineering ability and experience to attempt this challenge in an ethical and unique way.

A fierce advocate for sustainable travel, James hopes that his summit attempt will help to shine a light on the plight of the Sherpas.

McManus say “Pushing myself is just something I need to do. When you climb Everest without oxygen it’s really, really tough. And that’s what appeals to me. I’ve been preparing for this my whole life.” 

He will make his first attempt at reaching the summit of Everest in early May. 

James will be trekking with a highly experienced Sherpa who will be using supplementary oxygen himself.

As well as climbing some of the world’s tallest mountains himself, James has personally led expeditions to the highest peaks on the planet. 

Key Dates

April 2: James arrives in Nepal

Remainder of April: James will be completing a series of training and acclimatisation hikes near and on Everest

May 5: First summit attempt, dependent on conditions

May 17: James returns to Dublin