Gardaí Investigating Substantial Fuel Theft In Co. Tipp


The issue of fuel thefts was highlighted again today on Tipp Mid-West Radio. 

Garda Inspector James White says that the temptation to steal fuel especially diesel or home heating oil was there for criminals given current prices of almost 2 euro per litre. 

Inspector White described these people as evil saying they might even rob fuel and strike again when the tank had been refilled. 

He suggested that consumers only order enough oil to get to the end of the heating season, and advised that having a gauge that you can monitor regularly and also installing security lighting on a sensor were good protections.

This week saw a local coach operator robbed of upwards of 1500 litres of fuel.

It is understood that fuel was siphoned from 4 vehicles at Cotter Coaches in Dundrum. 

The robbery left the coach operator unable to complete school routes yesterday and faced with the expense of hiring in replacement operators.

The owner of Cotters coaches John Cotter has established that the criminals spent several hours on the premises, seem to be aware that a guard dog was not in the yard and completed an act of provocation in spilling a 25 gallon drum of diesel across the yard.

Garda investigations are ongoing