Catholic School in Co. Tipp to be Transferred to Educate Together Patronage


Educate Together has welcomed the recent announcement of the transfer of a Catholic school in Nenagh to ETB patronage, and plans for transfers in nine more areas.

Educate Together is seeking clarity on how parents and local communities will be consulted on any proposed patronage changes.

They say that despite the fact that Department of Education surveys conducted in 2012 showed Educate Together to be the patron of choice among parents in Nenagh, the school patron body has confirmed that it was not approached by the Department of Education or the local bishop in relation to the transfer, nor was it provided with an opportunity to engage with parents in the schools being reconfigured.

Educate Together says they are keen to work together with all stakeholders to ensure the Government’s target to provide at least 400 multi-denominational primary schools by 2023 is met.