Local Authority Says There Could Be Good Funding News For Tipp Town Soon


The Tipperary County Council CEO says there may be good news in the coming weeks for Tipperary Town.

It follows much discussion today at a council meeting on the unsuccessful Rural Regeneration and Development Fund application submitted on behalf of the town.

Also the broader council strategy in respect of seeking funding from central government was a topic of conversation.

The CEO Joe McGrath revealed that the council are awaiting news on a Town and village renewal scheme application valued at approximately €500,000 that is with the Department for approval in respect of Tipperary Town.

Mr McGrath defended the council’s approach and said that 14 projects were underway across the county with funding provided by URDF/RRDF.

He says he understood the disappointment but stated that there should be no doubt about the Council’s commitment to the town.

The CEO says the council would try to support the 3 projects even if it meant looking at the council’s own resources or other funding streams.

The meeting also heard that the Chair of the Tipperary Town Task Force, Carmel Fox and the Project Manager, Michael Begley will be attending a meeting in a few weeks with Department officials to review the unsuccessful application for Tipperary town.